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Session I: September 16-18,

Session II: Oct 21-23,

Session III: November 18-20

Discover* Train* Teach* Inspire

Let your Yoga Teacher Training Journey Begin! 

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training   

In this nine-month training, you will strengthen your own yoga practice, discover  your voice as a teacher and develop the skills to teach yoga to others.  

*An interest in teaching yoga is not necessary;  you determine your path!

This Training will include:  

Learning the foundation, form, and function of asana (yoga poses)  

Studying the foundations of pranayama (breath work)  

Practicing and learning meditation concepts  

Exploring yoga history & yoga philosophy  

Additionally, you will:  

Learn basic Sanskrit terms and their English translations  

Study principles of yoga anatomy and physiology  

Practice Teaching, along with learning teaching methodology & techniques  Explore the Art of Class Sequencing  

Learn the business of yoga: teaching ethically & with integrity, professionalism, marketing  strategies, and more

Experience diverse styles of yoga from the Hatha Yoga tradition  

For more information, please contact info@mintyogastudio.com 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs):  

Q:  Do I have to practice yoga for any particular length of time prior to doing the program.

A:  No! All levels of yoga experience are welcome!  The  Mint Yoga Studio Teacher Training is for anyone with a curiosity and interest to explore yoga,  and deepen their own practice(s) in an inclusive, encouraging yoga learning community. 

QAre there any requirements for admission to participating in Mint Yoga Studio’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program?

A:  No, there are no requirements for admission and participation in our program, but an interest in yoga, a desire to learn and discover, to engage in a community of learners, and to be “present” in the training are essential qualities for participants. 

QDoes one have to be interested in teaching to take this program?

A:  No, many participate in the program for their own personal growth and deepening their spiritual practice or to embellish their line of work or whatever endeavor they are involved in.  Some have the intention to teach and some do not.

Q: What is the Tuition?  

A: The tuition for the Mint Yoga Studio Teacher Training is $3800. This also includes a $500  non-refundable deposit fee to hold your spot in the training program. (Payment Link to Tuition Deposit)

Q: Are payment options available?  

A: Yes! Please contact info@mintyogastudio.com for various payment options.  

Q: Are there any special tuition discounts? 

A: Current Mint Yoga Studio members who participate in the training will receive a 10% ($380)  discount on the training paying a total of $3420. If a teacher-trainee has a current, auto-pay Mint  Yoga Studio monthly membership (excluding Teacher Training Tuition), his/her/their monthly membership fee will pause and resume three months after the conclusion of the training program.  

Q: While I am in training, do I get to take classes at Mint Yoga Studio at a discounted rate?  

A: Yes! In fact,  during the nine-month training program and three months after its conclusion, Teacher Trainees will receive free unlimited yoga classes at Mint Yoga Studio.  

Q: What does Tuition Include?  

A: The Mint Yoga Studio 200-hour Teacher Training Program includes: ALL Required  Textbooks and supplemental learning materials; Over 200 hours of exceptional high-quality instruction and guidance from experienced and advanced yoga teacher professionals; Mint Yoga Studio branded products;  and  free unlimited mint yoga classes for a total of 12 months.  Please see the tuition section below for additional details. 

Q: Where do I purchase the books required for the course?  

A: You don’t! Mint Yoga Studio will provide you with ALL required textbooks and course materials. 

Q: Who are the teachers?  

A: The lead teacher trainers are Nikki Owens and Michael Burgasser. Additionally, the training staff includes Jenny Rice, Kurt Matthys, and an amazing variety of experienced, guest teachers who will teach trainees specialty topics throughout the course. 

Q: What are the program’s Certified Yoga Teacher certification requirements

A: Teacher Trainees interested in earning their certification to teach yoga must complete a Practicum final, submit and complete all required assignments, meet the program’s attendance and participation requirements, complete 15 hours of Class observations- observing yoga classes taught by teacher CYT or RYT instructors and submit signed Observation form(s),  Attend  15  hours of yoga diverse classes (at Mint Yoga Studio or elsewhere), Submit a 500-1000-word Teaching Mission Statement explaining teacher trainee’s yoga own yoga teaching philosophy (details will be provided); pay tuition on full; agree to abide by an ethical code supporting the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of students. Take a comprehensive Final Exam.  NO WORRIES!  You will be fully prepared, supported, and ready to take this exam AND successfully pass! 

Q: How much time do I have to complete the certification requirements? 

A:  Students have one year (twelve months) after the conclusion of the program to complete the program graduation requirements and receive their teaching certificate.  Extensions may be given at the discretion of the program. 

Q: What do I receive upon completion of this program? 

A: You receive a 200-hour certificate from Mint Yoga Studio, which certifies you as a “200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher”, or 200-CYT.  

Q: Am I able to participate in the training program without completing all the requirements for teacher certification? 

A: Yes, you may participate in the program without completing the requirements for actual teacher certification.  We understand that not everyone aspires to teach yoga after completing a  training program. However, we recommend trainees complete the certification requirements whether or not they intend to teach.   You can decide which pathway to explore:  as a yoga teacher in training or as a student of yoga wishing to learn more without a desire to teach. 

Tuition Investment: 

The tuition for our comprehensive yoga teacher training program tuition is $3,800. A $500 non-refundable deposit must be paid to reserve your spot in the training program,  one week prior to the first scheduled training weekend. 

Tuition includes all hours associated with the teacher training,  unlimited classes available on the Mint Yoga Studio weekly class schedule, all required textbooks and supplemental learning materials, training binder, Mint Yoga Studio branded products, writing journal for journaling and recording select assignments, all teacher-training related workshop registration fees,  group photo, and a 200-Hour Mint Yoga Studio Teacher Training  Certificate.

The program tuition fees are non-refundable once the training begins.  However, an applicant who submits a written notice of withdrawing from the program at least ten business days before the program begins may receive a  refund of their tuition investment (payments) less the $500 deposit-registration fee. The refund will be paid within sixty  (60) days of receiving the notice of cancellation.  Tuition payments will be arranged through an auto-enrollment process. 

Auto-enrollment payment plans are mutual agreements between the studio and the teacher trainee/student.  If a teacher trainee/student chooses to leave the program, these auto-draft payments will continue until his/her/their payment agreement is completed. 

If a student must withdraw from the program for special circumstances, the program may give a partial refund to the student in the exercise of its discretion. Excluding medical emergencies, the program will not give any refunds or credits after the training starts. The program reserves the right to cancel any training before it begins. In that case, any payments applicants have made will be refunded in full. 

Email: info@mintyogastudio.com for questions and available payment options.