Events on this page are regularly scheduled classes and happenings that occur weekly at Mint. For more information on our Workshops please visit our Workshops page

All active Veterans and Active Military members practice for FREE this weekend at Mint! (Saturday 5/26 – Monday 5/28). Stop into the studio and show your ID, grab a mat, and breathe!

FREE mixed level MINT Yoga class on Monday evenings at 7:30 PM

Get Fit with MINT & Jared Lorenzen! All ages are welcome. Come in comfortable clothes that you are able to move in. Mats and props are available if you need them, if you have your own bring it. See you there!
FYI, Beginning June 4th, this FREE! class will be moving to Tower Park and the class time will change to 6:45PM.

Thursday evenings 6:15 – 7:30 PM
Yogalab classes are meant to expose you to all types and styles of yoga while infusing additional elements of physical exercise. These classes are meant to be workshopy, so some may focus more on movement while others may be more relaxing.

5/24 Meditation 101 with Jenny Rice
The ancient practice of mediation helps you stay centered or focused regardless of the circumstances that surround you. Join Jenny Rice as she guides you through an exploration of various ways to meditate so that you can experience life, accept it and move through any situation with clarity and a sense of peace and calm.

5/31 Mindful Movement with guest instructor Trisha Durham
Join Trisha for a deconstructed yoga class that will challenge your body and your mind. Break out of habitual movements, color (move) outside the lines of your yoga mat. This workshop will focus on whole body movement in a fun and engaging way. We’ll calm the overused, overworked areas of the body and awaken the under utilized. Refine familiar yoga poses + use yoga props in new and novels ways that build strength and restore range of motion. Create stability in familiar yoga poses and move with more fluency on and off the mat. This workshop is ideal for all levels. Move well, be well.

About Trisha Durham: E-RYT 500, Yogi, Teacher, Mover.
Trisha believes yoga is movement that empowers the body and mind. She is known for her thorough and progressive style. She creates yoga in unique settings. Her mission is to help people move more comfortably, kindly, confidently.

6/7 Power Yoga Basics with guest instructor Gina Fennell
Harness the power of your inner fire, agni, in this Intro to Power Yoga Lab. Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been on your journey into power for a while, this will be a fun, challenging and empowering practice. We will focus on building the foundations of breath, bandhas and proper alignment to support a safe and strong practice. All levels welcome!

About Gina
200 RYT, Executive Director, Project Yoga Cincinnati

Gina’s has been teaching yoga for over a decade, and is best known for her power yoga classes. Whether you come to your mat for improved physical fitness, to learn to sit still and meditate, or to simply play around, her classes are honest and fun. Inspired by the journey through motherhood, Buddhist meditation, and the thousands of classes taught and taken, Gina creates a compassionate, safe, and honest space to practice falling down and getting back up.

“My yoga journey began in the fall of 2001 shortly after 911. The world was in a messy place. I was stressed at work, angry, and often responded to life with resistance, and frustration. My body hurt from years of not paying attention. With a lot of urging from a friend, I finally went to a class. I was in way over my head, it was hard as hell, and I was so sore the next day! I could hardly stand up. But I went back, again and again. Two things were happening; the first was that it occurred to me, clearly I needed more of this yoga because I “couldn’t do it” and I really like to be able to do things!! Second was that while I was on the mat, trying to pay attention to moving and breathing…. I wasn’t actively thinking about stuff! and I remembered what it was like to not constantly be ruled by thinking stuff. There was freedom in that space. Not too long after I was introduced to the Dharma Punx and mindfulness meditation. It’s taken time, but I’ve gotten a lot stronger and not so angry. Naturally, more times than not, I choose to respond to stress more skillfully and life doesn’t hurt so much. So I keep practicing.”

6/14 Sound Journey with Annie Bolling
Get ready to RELAX! Annie Bolling is bringing her magical Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chinese Gongs, and Koshi Chimes to accompany her restorative yoga. Give yourself some time to reconnect and recharge in this supremely sweet class.

6/21 Kick Ass Yoga with The Boys!
Kick-ass Yoga with Rob Dorgan & Steve Bolia is back for another round of booty kickin’ fun!
This class is a unique blend of Yoga and Cardio. We begin each session with a brief opening meditation and stretching to get you all warmed up and ready to move. Then we divide the room into five ‘stations’ – each with a specific Asana (Yoga Pose) assigned to that station. Here’s where the music picks up both in tempo and volume! Pick the station you wish to begin, but know that you will move through each station 6 times. There are modifications for each station’s Asana – both which can make the practice more challenging or better suited to your level of yoga. We finish each practice with a cool down period and finally Savasana! Be prepared to sweat, get your groove on and have lots of fun. Remember, JOY is part of the Yoga Experience! Open to ALL Levels.

6/28 Heart, Hips & Core with guest instructor Trisha Durham
In this class with Trisha Durham, we get right to work on the three main areas of the body where we humans hold stress: the shoulders, hips and abdomen. Equal parts opening + strengthening. You’ll use your yoga (asana) practice to get into your body to learn your rigidity, your ease, your mobility, your strength, and your asymmetry –we’ll do it with reverence and curiosity of course and then tidy up in savasana. Come ready to move and breathe into greater understanding of your own practice in this well rounded, unrushedworkshop.

Time For You Tuesdays
Take some time for yourself every Tuesday!
Annie Bolling follows her 9 AM Vinyasa Flow class with complimentary Glycolic Peels using H Skincare ($130 value).
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Each peel takes 30 minutes to complete and requires no effort from you (no need to change into a spa robe). Annie will take her last appointment at 1:30 PM. You can book your Peel here (scroll down to the second calendar) or walk ins are always welcome!

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