Events on this page are regularly scheduled classes and happenings that occur weekly at Mint. For more information on our Workshops please visit our Workshops page

Thursday evenings 6:15 – 7:30 PM
Yogalab classes are meant to expose you to all types and styles of yoga while infusing additional elements of physical exercise. These classes are meant to be workshopy, so some may focus more on movement while others may be more relaxing.

10/18 Unleashing your Creativity with Amanda Marko
Creativity is the human brain’s (seemingly magic) power to make connections, generate new ideas, and solve problems. It’s not just artists who are creative. We all need more creative genius moments – when the solution to a complicated problem just pops into your head. Creativity is shown to improve emotional health and communications skills, reducing your stress and making you more resilient. Yoga can help you have more of these eureka moments. Backed by scientific research into the brains workings, we’ll use yoga movement, philosophy, and meditation to explore how you can unlock your natural talent to create and innovate at work, at home, and during your leisure activities.

10/25 Yoga for Runners: Pain Free Feet with Heather Poast
Do you struggle with plantar fasciitis? Are you tired of hobbling to the coffee maker in the morning because your feet hurt so badly? Are you fed up with the sharp shooting pain in your heel? If you answered, “YES!” to any of these questions this session is for you. Heather struggled with plantar fasciitis for years and found a natural and holistic way to find relief. Heather Feather will be teaching the class and is a personal trainer, 500 hour trained yoga instructor, marathon & ultra-marathon runner. She has also completed an Ironman as well as long distance open water swim races. She can’t wait to share her journey of kicking plantar fasciitis to the curb with you and how you can have Pain Free Feet.