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ChildLight Yoga & Mindfulness for Tweens and Teens Teacher Training

An inspiring training for those who wish to share the practice with tweens and teens ages 10-18.

Stress and anxiety in adolescents have reached epidemic levels while a growing body of evidence suggests the practice of yoga and mindfulness can help provide tweens’ and teens’ the ability to cope with the stressors of their daily lives. Our inspiring, “transformative” training intensive provides tools and best practices for supporting youth between the developmental ages of 10-18 years (Grade 5 and up). Participants will learn about the science of the teenage brain and how mindful movement, breathing practices, community building games, “mat chats” and more, can support pre and adolescents in developing self-awareness, emotional resilience, healthy body image, positive thinking and compassion while providing them with skills and tools for lifelong well-being. Leave this training empowered to make a significant difference in the lives of tweens and teens!


This intensive is designed for adults who work with pre-adolescent and adolescent youth including physical education and health education teachers, yoga instructors, school or family counselors, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, pediatricians, parents, child psychologists, camp counselors, recreation directors and any others who regularly work with tweens and teens.

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