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Summer Solstice Sound Journey 
Summer soltice is upon us.
Light becomes greater than darkness. The fire element actives. Our hearts and minds find deeper connections. Now is the time to come together in community. Please join Annie Bolling, Sonya Verma & Michelle Manni on an incredible and transformative Summer Solstice Sound Journey.
We will begin with gentle movement, pranayama and meditation. Next, we will settle into savasana, completely relax and let the vibrations of the singing bowls and the gongs take us on an unforgettable journey beyond space and time to experience our True Essence Nature.
Date: Saturday, June 18th
Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Cost: $25
108 Sun Salutations with Paige Knollman
The 108 Sun Salutations are traditionally practiced at solstice and equinox to mark the change of the seasons and celebrate springing into the cleansing heat of summer. This practice is personal and we encourage you to rest or modify as you need. Paige will teach this moving meditation in four sets of 27 Sun Salutations, with a brief rest and stretch in between each set.
Date: Saturday, June 19th
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Cost: $25


Mint Covid-19 Update

Welcome to the NEW “Normal! Effective June 11, in compliance with state and national mandates, masks will no longer be required upon entrance into Mint Yoga Studio.  However, we encourage Mint yogis and instructors who prefer to wear masks to continue to do so.   Please keep in mind that for a variety of reasons, some individuals have chosen not to be vaccinated, while many others have. Therefore, at Mint we will respect our students’ choices without judgment. 

Additionally, as Mint continues to expand its student capacity for in-studio classes, pre-registration will still be required for classes.  We have all grown accustom to smaller classes and it will take some time to get used to larger classes.  We encourage students to continue to maintain a safe, healthy social distance from others and to follow the precautions established by the CDC to prevent the spread of not only COVID-19, but other communicable diseases that can be easily avoided by good hygienic practices.