Yin Yoga Immersion 2022 Training –

Session I: September 16-18

Session II: Oct 21-23

Session III: November 18-20

Yin Yoga Immersion 2022 Training – Detailed Information on our Teacher Training Page. Purchase the 3 weekend package or each weekend individually on our workshop page.

November 4 – 6, 2022

The Music of Gong- A Weekend of Music with Mike Tamburo  

Music of the Gong 3 Day Sound Immersive Workshop 

Workshop Pricing$450 

Friday: 10:30 AM-5:00 PM 

Saturday: 10:30 AM- 5:00 PM 

Sunday: 9:30-5:00 PM 

Join Mike Tamburo for an in-person exploratory and experiential workshop that will deepen one’s gong practice and bring the player to a new level both in playing and in understanding the potential of working with gong music. The focus of this training is making music with gongs – both solo and in a group. The ‘Gong Music’ workshop invites the player to deepen their connection to the gong as a musical instrument capable of having broad effects on consciousness and asks the player to move beyond protocols into a music of the moment. Players will be immersed in a series of creative exercises, group improvisations, and meditative listening experiences. We will refine playing techniques, explore rhythm and dynamics, strengthen our listening and improvisational skills, learn loose composition and deepen our personal sonic vocabulary. As a group, we will explore blending our playing with Multiple Gongs and other instruments (singing bowls, bells, strings) and other musicians in the sonic field. We will compose and improvise Gong Music together as a group. All levels welcome.Two Amazing Sound Immersion Concerts! SOUND MEDITATION EXPERIENCES LIKE NO OTHER!Allow yourself TWO unique experiences to enter a timeless space of listening as Mike Tamburoorchestrates his way through 50+ overtone-rich instruments including Gongs, Bells, Hammered Dulcimer, and tuned metal instruments. Listeners have described Mike Tamburo‘s music as an adventure in listening; sonic bliss; a deep and lasting vibrational rejuvenation for body and spirit; a profound aesthetic experience; a journey through the senses and a perceptual rollercoaster.  

Date: Friday, November 4, 2022 

Time: 6:30-8:30 PM  

Pricing: Public: $40, Mint Members: $35 


Date: Saturday, November 5, 2022 

Time: 6:30-8:30 PM  

Pricing: Public: $40, Mint Members: $35 

About Mike Tamburo 

Over the past 20+ years Mike Tamburo has become well known as a multi-instrumentalist, music educator, interdisciplinary sound artist, video artist, sound therapist, writer, meditation teacher, and avid traveler; sharing over 2000 public and private performances and recording more than 65 albums of ecstatic and transcendental music as well as folk, drone, ambient and sometimes unclassifiable sounds. Early in Tamburo‘s career, he gained notoriety for his string playing (hammered dulcimer, guitar, and shahi baaja). In many of his early performances, he began to enter into altered states of consciousness and have out-of-body experiences while performing. In order to understand these experiences, he went into years of self-study; exploring Kundalini Yoga, energy work, the therapeutic use of sound, and how sound impacts consciousness, human perception, and self-healing. His love for long-sustained drones, overtones, and psychoacoustics led him to working with multiple gongs and other tuned metal instruments (bells, sound plates, singing bowls) as well as exploring the healing power of mantra and toning.