MINT flow – a vinyasa-style class linking breath to movement to invigorate and refresh your mind and body

warm MINT flow – MINT Flow with the added warmth (80-85) to help melt away stress and soften your muscles and mind

MINT slow flow – a slower-paced practice that increases strength and inner calm, while bringing balance to mind, body and spirit

alignMINT Flow – A mix of vinyasa and alignment based yoga, designed to cultivate focus, stamina, strength, and flexibility

MPower hour – a vigorous vinyasa class designed to stoke the fire of your soul, empower your mind and invigorate your body

refreshMINT – combines the low and slow postures of yin with deeply relaxing restorative poses

flow & refreshMINT – begins with an alignment-based flow and ends with longer restorative poses

contentMINT – focus on moving into basic yoga poses, great for students of all levels of practice and abilities

MINT basics – a gentle yoga class for all levels, where you’ll use the basics to grow and explore your practice

junior MINTS – Ages 3-10, our Junior MINTS are inspired to be creative and playful through games and stories using yoga and mindfulness