A Family’s Piece of Peace
Does your child struggle with anxiety? Does your child struggle to focus? Do minor family conflicts escalate quickly into big conflicts? The Family POP Workshop is here to bring you & your loved ones a “Piece of Peace.” Your family will be led through and engaged in Yoga, breath work, positive affirmations, and much more. At the end of the workshop, we will all work together to create a plan so that you are able to bring your own “Piece of Peace” home. Registered Children’s Yoga Teachers, Torii Darby and Laura Rittinger, will provide the tools that both parents and children need in order to create space between conflict and reaction. This space is the fertile ground where peace can grow. You will also leave with the knowledge of mindful practices that can be integrated into your daily life. Mindfulness has been shown to improve executive functioning skills in children and adults. This improvement leads to better self-regulation and, in turn, increases internal peace and serene interactions. Please come dressed in comfortable clothing. This workshop is geared toward parents/guardians and their children in grades K-5.
When: November 3, 2017 – 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Where: Mint Yoga Studio – 18 N Fort Thomas Ave Suite 301, Fort Thomas KY
Cost: $15 per child, Parent/Guardian is Free
Only 15 Spaces Available
We do have 15 waitlist spaces available, if those fill up we will offer another class.

Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 PM through October. Starting in November this class will shift to 6:15 – 7:30 PM
Yogalab classes are meant to expose you to all types and styles of yoga while infusing additional elements of physical exercise. These classes are meant to be workshopy, so some may focus more on movement while others may be less physical. Expect something new each week.

10/19 Kick Ass Yoga. Kick-ass Yoga with Rob Dorgan & Steve Bolia is back!
This class is a unique blend of Yoga and Cardio. We begin each session with a brief opening meditation and stretching to get you all warmed up and ready to move. Then we divide the room into five ‘stations’ – each with a specific Asana (Yoga Pose) assigned to that station. Here’s where the music picks up both in tempo and volume! Pick the station you wish to begin, but know that you will move through each station 6 times. There are modifications for each station’s Asana – both which can make the practice more challenging or better suited to your level of yoga. We finish each practice with a cool down period and finally Savasana! Be prepared to sweat, get your groove on and have lots of fun. Remember, JOY is part of the Yoga Experience!
Class length: 1hr. 15mins.
Class Level: Open to ALL Levels

10/26 Into Darkness: Mythic Flow with Bobby Harmon.
Bobby Harmon will weave the tales of Halloween and Samhain into a mythic vinyasa flow. As the light fades and the darkness rises, we’ll use our practice to get clear and focused, allowing our inner lights to burn bright long through the cooler, darker months.

11/2 The Spine: Align & Refine with Bobby Harmon
Join Bobby as we explore the anatomy and alignment of our spines and discover ways to support, strengthen and care for one of our biggest assets.

11/9 Yoga Groovin! with Nikki Owens
Ready to work your yoga body and get your yoga groove on? This lab is all moving your body and working your arms, glutes, hamstrings, hips, and quads! Get ready to work, get ready to move, get ready to groove!
Note: This yoga lab is not a vinyasa flow; but we will move!

11/16 Gratitude & Appreciation: Mythic Flow with Annie Bolling
Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and gratitude. To help you prepare for the holiday we offer you a practice that will refresh and clear your mind, energize your body, and inspire your heart to focus on all you have to be thankful. Join Annie Bolling as she takes us through a Mythic Flow infused with Yogic Philosophy centered on Gratitude & Appreciation.

11/23 Happy Thanksgiving! Classes Canceled

11/30 Tribal Yoga with Gayla Hawks
Tribal yoga is a class using sticks for rhythm and focus. Class begins at a faster pace, but slows pace to end with stretching and meditation.

Time For You Tuesdays
Take some time for yourself every Tuesday!
Annie Bolling follows her 9 AM Vinyasa Flow class with complimentary Glycolic Peels using H Skincare ($130 value).
H Skin Repair is a 5 Step Pre-biotic / Pro-biotic System developed for every day use that heals all skin types including premature aging, blemished, oily, dry, sun damaged and red skin conditions. It reverses time by hydrating, repairing, brightening and restoring skin.
Each peel takes 30 minutes to complete and requires no effort from you (no need to change into a spa robe). Annie will take her last appointment at 1:30 PM. You can book your Peel here (scroll down to the second calendar) or walk ins are always welcome!

Learn more about H Skincare at http://hskinrepair.com/

PLEASE NOTE – TIME FOR YOU TUESDAYS IS CANCELED THIS WEEK, 10/17/17. Annie will see you next week!