Practice Happiness: Self-Love and Compassion

February 17th 2:30-5:30pm

50% of our happiness is due to our genes, while 10% is due to our life circumstances, which leaves 40% up for grabs.

This February, through a combination of lecture, journaling exercises, meditation, and a physical yoga practice, Dr. Julia King is delving into what the philosophers and scientists say with regard to how Self-Love and Self-Compassion makes us happy. This exploration will allow you to target strategies you can implement in your daily life, to truly appreciate – and be kinder to – yourself, in order to harness the 40% of your own happiness that is within your control.

Participants should come dressed to practice yoga.  Bring a water bottle and mat if you have one.  Please also bring a journal or materials to take notes.  Also, prior to the workshop, please complete the online VIA Survey, a character-based assessment of your individual strengths, here: and bring your results.

About Dr. Julia King, of Root to Flourish:
As a clinical psychologist and yoga teacher, Julia King empowers others – with therapy techniques grounded in research, in combination with yoga and meditation – to connect to their center and embrace their strengths in order to thrive in growth.

Slow Flow and Sound Healing

Sunday, March 4, 10 am – 12pm

We’re excited to welcome back Bali-based sound healer Shervin Boloorian to celebrate his groundbreaking music-activism project and album, One with the Beloved, his latest music for peace campaign. Iranian-born Boloorian is a certified sound therapist, vocalist, Western-raised Iranian-born refugee, ex-Washington DC US-Iran peace movement advisor, and community relations’ activist. Returning after a successful visit last spring, Boloorian will be back to share his message and talents through joint ventures in Ft Thomas at Mint Yoga Studio and East Walnut Hills at Clear Conscious Movement.

One with the Beloved, released in early fall of 2017, includes sacred songs, ancient mantras, unique compositions and new adaptations on traditional songs. These sacred songs mostly inspired from the famous Sufi writer, Rumi, offer the messages of friendship, compassion, unity, love and a common destiny. Mostly sung in Persian or Arabic along with a merging of Western and Eastern instruments and influences the album is filled with a range of relaxing heart songs and others more rhythmic and upbeat Zikr chants.

His mission is to provide people with an opportunity to explore ways that sound and music can affect a person on a level that is beyond thrills and entertainment. Instead what Boloorian offers is a sound setting that puts people into a space of deep relaxation and deep connection; to remind people of the incredible power that is available to them from live music. Boloorian is coming to show and support our communities and illustrate ways that yoga studio/centers can contribute to their communities not just through movement but through a combination of the arts that can provide therapeutic benefits on a deep level.

$20 for Members, $25 for Non Members

FREE mixed level MINT Yoga class on Monday evenings at 7:30 PM

Get Fit with MINT & Jared Lorenzen! All ages are welcome. Come in comfortable clothes that you are able to move in. Mats and props are available if you need them, if you have your own bring it. See you there!

NEW Time – Thursday evenings 6:15 – 7:30 PM
Yogalab classes are meant to expose you to all types and styles of yoga while infusing additional elements of physical exercise. These classes are meant to be workshopy, so some may focus more on movement while others may be more relaxing.

2/1 Meet the Mood : Yoga for Rajas

In the first of a two-part series to Meet the Mood, join psychologist Dr. Julia King in a practice of movement, breathwork, and meditation. We will learn to calm and quiet the mind and body when we find ourselves in an agitated, anxious Rajasic state, in order to find the balanced state of Sattva.

2/8 Hips Heart Core 

we get right to work on the three main areas of the body where we humans hold stress: the shoulders, hips and abdomen. Equal parts opening + strengthening. You’ll use your yoga (asana) practice to get into your body to learn your rigidity, your ease, your mobility, your strength, and your asymmetry – we’ll do it with reverence and curiosity of course and then tidy up in savasana. Come ready to move and breathe into greater understanding of your own practice in this well rounded, unrushed vinyasa flow workshop.

2/15 Sound Journey 

Get ready to RELAX! Annie Bolling is bringing her magical singing bowls to accompany some really restorative yoga. Give yourself some time to reconnect and recharge in this supremely sweet class.

2/22 Meet the Mood: Yoga for Tamas

In the second of a two-part series to Meet the Mood, join psychologist Julia King in a practice of movement, breathwork, and meditation. We will learn to energize and awaken the mind and body when we find ourselves in a heavy, sluggish Tamasic state, to find the balanced state of Sattva.

Time For You Tuesdays
Take some time for yourself every Tuesday!
Annie Bolling follows her 9 AM Vinyasa Flow class with complimentary Glycolic Peels using H Skincare ($130 value).
H Skin Repair is a 5 Step Pre-biotic / Pro-biotic System developed for every day use that heals all skin types including premature aging, blemished, oily, dry, sun damaged and red skin conditions. It reverses time by hydrating, repairing, brightening and restoring skin.
Each peel takes 30 minutes to complete and requires no effort from you (no need to change into a spa robe). Annie will take her last appointment at 1:30 PM. You can book your Peel here (scroll down to the second calendar) or walk ins are always welcome!

Learn more about H Skincare at